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Thanks for visiting U.S. Fighter. I hope you find the information contained in these pages informative and entertaining. This site began as an exercise in Web page design, construction and implementationt. It turned into a rather involved project, (almost to the point of obsession - just ask my wife) but one which has been very interesting, enjoyable and a learning experience; not only in creating and publishing Web pages, but also in the history of famous aircraft and the heroic men who flew and fly them in combat.

As time permits, I will update and make additions to the site. I have a few ideas in mind.



The information contained in these pages has come from a variety of sources. I have tried to list the sources I used at the end of each document, however, I may have missed some. If so, please let me know and I will try to correct it. The information is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If you have information to the contrary please let me know.

Many of the images included in the documents came from Internet image archives. Many others came from my personal collection that I have been collecting for years and I have no idea of their source and had no intention of making them public at the time of collection. If you have come upon this collection through a public channel (i.e., the Internet) and can show yourself ( within reasonable standards of evidence ) to be the holder of a copyright or other relevant legal interest or claim of ownership on an image or images or any other material found in these pages, and you do not wish said material to appear in these pages, or you have other objections to its use or display, please do not hesitate to contact me. Generally speaking, I will abide by the wishes of the copyright holder immediately. Please don't try to sue me first.

No one accessing these pages has the right to use the images for anything other than personal use.

It might bear notice that the above policy is more or less standard on the Internet for such collections, and the understanding of this by relevant parties is appreciated.

Dan Kane