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The combat-proven AN/ALQ-184 can counter sophisticated threats in dense signal environments.

The ALQ-184 is a self-protect electronic countermeasures (ECM) electronic warfare (EW) pod used on U.S. Air Force
tactical aircraft. Its computer-controlled multibeam receivers and mini-TWT amplifiers operate in both receive and transmit
modes to selectively direct high power jamming against multiple emitters. The system provides instantaneous RF signal
processing that is wide open in angle and frequency. Features such as a high sensitivity multibeam receiver, continuous
wave, pulse and pulse Doppler allow a 100 percent probability of threat detection.

The ALQ-184 increases effective radiated power, reduces countermeasure response time and improves
reliability, maintainability and system availability over all previous U.S. Air Force self-protect pods and is
available in two- and three-band configurations.

Courtesy Raytheon

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