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1/10/97 - Added F6F Hellcat to WWII page.
1/14/97 - Added new background to F/A-18 and F4 Phantom page.
1/15/97 - Added new background to F-105 page.
1/21/97 - Added Super Hornet info to F/A 18 page.
1/23/97 - Added SPAD XIII to WWI section.
11/24/97 - Added AIM-9X to Weapons section.
11/25/97 - Added info on JDAM and JSOW to Armament section.

12/21/97 - Added Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX to WWII aircraft.
12/25/97 - Added new background to first page of U. S. Fighter.
12/27/97 - Added F-80C Shooting Star to Korean War Aircraft section.
7/11/98 - Added info on death of Major General Marion Carl.
7/11/98 - Added photos to F4U Corsair page.
7/14/98 - Added new graphic and changed layout to opening U.S. Fighter page.
7/19/98 - Changed graphics on U.S. Fighter nav page.
8/02/98 - Added the A6M Zero to the aircraft index.8/15/98 - Added link to Air & Space Smithsonian
                 for QuickTimeVR tour of a P-51 cockpit.
10/27/99 - Added F-22 Raptor to Future section. 
10/27/99 - Added the F119-PW-100 engine to engines and waepons.
08/28/00 - Added more photos to the P-47 page. 
09/04/00 - Added more photos to the F-16 page.
09/15/00 - Added video of F/A18 breaking the sound barrier to F/A18 page. 
07/26/01 - Added F4F to WWII page  


Changes to 'Aces' Hall of Fame

1/02/97 - Added info on George Beurling to the WWII aces page.
1/20/97 - Added list of Victoria Cross winners to WWII aces page.
1/20/97 - Added info on Randall Cunningham to Vietnam Aces.
1/21/97 - Added info on Oswald Boelke to WWI section.
1/21/97 - Added info on Hans-Joachim Marseille to WWII section.
1/23/97 - Added Boelke's Dicta to info on Oswald Boelke.
2/02/97 - Added photo of Tony Fokker to DR-1 Driedecker page.
2/02/97 - Added info on Georges Guynemer to WWI section.
2/02/97 - Added photo of James McCudden to WWI section.
2/02/97 - Added info on Raymond Collishaw to WWI section.
2/06/97 - Added info on Ernst Udet to WWI section.
12/1/97 - Added info on Lt. Robert M. Hanson to WWII section.

12/27/97 - Added info on Frederick C. Blesse to Korean War section. 
12/27/97 - Added info on James Jabara to Korean War section.
5/27/98 - Added info and photos for Capt. E. Rickenbacker.
5/27/98 - Added info on Raoul Lufbery to WWI Aces page
5/28/98 - Added photo of Frank Luke to WWI section.  
5/29/98 - Added info on "Mick" Mannock to WWI section.
5/31/98 - Added info on William Bishop to WWI section.
6/06/98 - Added article about Robin Olds to WWII & Vietnam War sections.
6/15/98 - Added George E. Preddy to WWII section.
7/07/98 - Additional photos added to Adolph Galland page.
7/07/98 - Added photo of Robert S. Johnson to WWII section.
7/11/98 - Added photos and additional info to the Gregory Boyington page.
7/19/98 - Changed graphics on 'Aces' Hall of fame nav page.
7/19/98 - Added Capt. John T. Godfrey to 'Aces'
7/19/98 - Added info and photos to Capt. "Don" Gentile's page.
8/01/98 - Added photos to Medal of Honor page.
8/01/98 - Added Saburo Sakai to WWII section.
8/02/98 - Added a section for those who received the Medal of Honor in the WWI,
WWII, Korea and Vietnam pages. Also added the following names
and citations to those sections:

Lt. Col. Harold W. Bauer, Maj. Robert E. Galer, Maj. John L. Smith,
Capt. Henry T. Elrod, Capt. Richard E. Fleming, Capt. Jefferson J. Deblan,
Maj. William A. Shomo, 1st Lt. Raymond L. Knight, Lt.(j.g.) Thomas J. Hudner,
Lt. (j.g.) William E. Hall

Maj. George Davis, Jr, Maj. Louis J. Sebille, Lt.(j.g.) Thomas J. Hudner

Maj. Leo K. ThorsnessMaj. Merlyn H. Dethlefsen

10/5/98 - Added new photos to Pappy Boyington's page.
10/6/98 - Added the Distinguished Flying Cross.
11/7/98 - Added Lt. Edward H. O'Hare to the WWII section.

03/18/99 - Added info on Col. Charles Macdonald to the WWII section.
06/05/99 - Added Lt Col John C. Meyer to WWII section. 
07/18/99 - Added the P-61 Black Widow to the WWII aircraft section.
10/30/99 - Added Charles Nungesser to the WWI section.
11/26/99 - Added info on General Bruce K. Holloway to the WWII section.
12/19/99 - Added  General Chesley G. Peterson to the WWII section.

01/06/00 - Added more photos to Richard Bong's page.
01/09/00 - Added Capt. William T.Wishner   and Col. Bruce W. Carr to the WWII section.
03/18/00 - Added photo to John C. Meyer's page.

05/09/00 - Added Col. James Swett to the WWII section.
05/09/00 - Added letter from Joe Foss to the family of Lt. Col. Harold Bauer to Bauer page.

Last modified 07/26/01

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